professional sound engineering and mastering

When it comes to quality of the sound, we have unequivocally one of the best teams worldwide. With rare and modern professional monitoring and sound engineering tools, devices and experience, we could provide a sound you wont find as equal and sophisticated worldwide. Best Q team, our sound engineering ambassador and associate, as a part of Adrenaline musical group, will help you have the sound you wont even believe exist for your production. Stand out and shine with a click away and let us provide you the true sound of your art. For more demonstration, we have provided before and after samples of our excelsior touch on musical productions and projects below and you could always ask us more about the details through project inquires by the contact email.

stem mastering and ultimate sound perfection

You think mastering is the limit of your sound and there is no more…? You are wrong!!! Our sound engineering team could bring a sound dug deep in your project waiting to be presented by the right tool and proficiency. Stem mastering and ultimate sound touch of our team could bring the quality of your sound to its climax and apex limits with second by second analysis and guidance through engineering process and help you believe the quality always comes first. The main difference between regular mastering and stem mastering is that with stems, we will be by your side from the roots of each project and walk you through the slightest flaws you might not even notice.

production assistance and supervision

If you have an idea about a track or have as little as a melody in your mind and do not know how to put the pieces of puzzles together, we would be more than glad and cheered to help you along the way. Our exclusively experienced and professionally educated team of A&R executives and sound designers and music producers will be beside you from ground zero to hundred of your project to build a monumental piece of art and sound track. Private sessions and direct video conferences through social media and contacts, will be at your assistance to manifest your idea in to the aural achievement all the way from the beginning granting you all the credits and royalty. All you need to do is to want.

sync service and global featuring’s

If you wish to be heard and noticed as every artist does, Adrenaline team of publication and our international contacts could be of a great help. Working with international venerated and acclaimed platforms and musical groups such as Universal Music Group, Songtradr, Sharetopros and many more could be rocket boosting opportunity for you to not just publish your music worldwide but to actually share it with real money making side of music industry and get a chance of being heard through multiple media and entertainment projects such as movies, games, commercials and social media.

tutorials and private technical session

With a group of well educated and experienced DJ’s, music producers and sound engineers, we could be your best source to start a luminous prosperous career in music industry and art. Our private sessions through Skype, Zoom or any convenient social media platform, practically makes it possible for you to learn every detail and step right from the comfort of your personal chair and computer screen no matter where your location is as long as you have access to internet. Theory combined with actual experimental lessons and real game changing techniques and skills, will make you stand out globally and competent in the shortest time possible.